Using Gulp for WordPress Theme Development

Gulp is the new kid on the block when it comes to JavaScript task runners. It’s gotten off the ground running extremely quickly with its emphasis on code over configuration when compared with Grunt. While still a very young product, I’ve switched my development away from Grunt and am now using gulp for all of my new coding. Keep reading to find out how to use gulp with your WordPress themes to speed up your development and stay on the bleeding edge. »

WordPress and Drupal Starter Themes Using Grunt on Github

Yesterday, I wrote an article on how I use Grunt with my WordPress theme development and deployment. I casually mentioned the starter themes I have, both for core WordPress development and for use with the Genesis Framework. Being that I use Drupal for clients as well, I figured I would push my latest Drupal 7 Starter Theme up to Github so everyone can use it as they see fit. »

Using Grunt for WordPress Theme Development and Deployments

There are plenty of options if you’re looking to use CSS preprocessors and JavaScript linting in your development workflow, but none as flexible and extensible as Grunt. In the past, I used CodeKit to handle all of this work, but Grunt has since taken over, giving me additional options such as deployments with greater control over the entire process. With one JavaScript file in the root of my WordPress theme, I can control Compass output paths, JSHint options, UglifyJS concatenation and minification, setup browser live reloading and multiple server deployments, allowing for easy expansion and adaption as things continue to change and grow. »

Genesis Framework: My new WordPress Starting Point

When it comes to developing WordPress themes, there are plenty of options. You can start from scratch every time, you can build you own starter theme as a base to tweak, or you can use a theme framework and create a child theme. In my time as a WordPress developer, I’ve gone through all stages, but have now settled on a theme framework, using Genesis Framework from StudioPress for all of the sites I develop. »