Please Excuse the Mess - Working on a New WordPress Theme

You may have noticed that the site looks quite a bit different… and rather bland. I’m in the process of totally revamping my personal site here with a new WordPress theme, so bear with me. It’s been a rough day. If you didn’t hear, today we shut down Loot Ninja, my now former video game news, editorial and review website. It’s been my baby for almost six years, but it’s time to say goodbye. »

I Love my iPad, but it's Incomplete

I picked up a 32GB WiFi iPad about two weeks after it was released and, while I’m generally in love, there are a few things clearly missing. One of my intentions was to cover E3 in Los Angeles this June with only the iPad, leaving my MacBook Pro at home. Sadly this won’t work out as a few key apps have not yet been updated or released. One of the big apps I needed for this coverage is a Flickr app to upload all of my photos to post at Loot Ninja. »

Connecting iPhone to Multiple Computers - Need Help

I’m looking for some help, friends. I’ve found numerous articles online for connecting an iPhone/iPod to multiple computers, but nothing I’ve found has really addressed what I’m trying to accomplish. So here the skinny… My iPhone syncs to my MacBook Pro at home automatically when I plug it in. I do not want that to change. What I’m trying to accomplish is plugging my iPhone into my work PC and NOT having it sync automatically so I can listen to music/podcasts on my iPhone at work through my computer speakers. »

WiredTree: A Great Web Host

I’m in the process of moving a few things to a new web host and chose WiredTree based on a number of factors (reliability, support, hardware, price, etc). One of the facets of their service they talk up is 15 minutes response time for support tickets. While you might think this is a joke, it’s not at all. In both sales and support inquiries, I’ve gotten responses within 10 minutes each time, and not just “we’ll look into it,” but actual results. »

Drupal vs. Joomla for Higher Education

I’m in the process of researching and recommending a new Content Management System for my new employer and wanted to get anyone’s take on the matter. We want to stay Open Source and need enough flexibility and scalability for future growth, while still being able to integrate with current IT systems. If you’re had experience with either, weigh in below in the comments. »