I Love my iPad, but it's Incomplete

I picked up a 32GB WiFi iPad about two weeks after it was released and, while I’m generally in love, there are a few things clearly missing. One of my intentions was to cover E3 in Los Angeles this June with only the iPad, leaving my MacBook Pro at home. Sadly this won’t work out as a few key apps have not yet been updated or released.

One of the big apps I needed for this coverage is a Flickr app to upload all of my photos to post at Loot Ninja. With that not yet available, I’m stuck bringing my laptop to display all of my imagery. Sure, the iPhone app will run on the iPad, but it’s overly cumbersome and doesn’t offer much in the way to grabbing images to put into Wordpress. To the same extent, the Wordpress app for iPad is a buggy mess - crashing at will if you so much as think about another platform. Since those are key elements to covering these events, I have little choice than to pack my laptop for the trip.

I have a lot of faith in the development community that all the apps will come and/or get updated in fair amount of time. But for now, the iPad won’t serve the purpose as a video game conference coverage beast in my travel bag. I’ll still it use as an eBook reader, movie viewer, internet browser and game player, but all of my major writing and photo uploading will be relegated back to the Mac. One day… one day.